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World situation assessment 

The COVID crisis of 2020 is indicative of the inability of our modern societies to cope with global events. This pandemic, which was predicted by infectious disease specialists, has undermined the neoliberal economical system. A system that only benefits a small fraction of the wealthiest while destroying our environment. 


But the previous system has lead us all into this current situation. Should we go back there or invent a new way of thinking of living together in sharing values such as solidarity, sincerity, ethics and responsibility? A world where, we humans, are masters of our evolution and not a slave to certain economic interests?


All around our planet, youth are starting to mobilize to demand the states and big companies to fight against global warming and against irreversible degradation of the environment with all the consequences that this will have on our future lives.

Our future is today at stake. According to a growing number of scientists, and experts, we have barely few years left to reverse the dynamics that currently govern the world and avoid the worst.


The problems we have to face in the years to come are complex. It is our duty to come together to solved them in harmony, cohesion and knowing how to live together.

The world’s population will increase by 20% by 2035 with more mouths to feed and reduced agricultural capacity due to climate change. Uncontrollable migrations already underway will add to existing problems.


“The planet and its ecosystems will be affected in the coming years by various human and natural mutations. These disturbances will expose populations to new vulnerabilities and to the need for water, food, health services, energy and infrastructure.


The already visible climate changes will make the weather less and less predictable and stable with droughts and floods. Marine biodiversity will decline due to ocean warming and acidification. The Mekong sees its level decrease due to the dams, its fish decrease, and its delta becomes salinized making the cultivation of rice difficult. The pollution of water, air and food will be such that serious health problems will be added to various pressures.


All living being (animal, vegetal and human) health will be affected by heat waves generating new processes for the spread of infectious diseases. The destruction of a huge number of animals by humans will affect human life. "


Extract from: "The world in 2035 seen by the CIA". Ed. I read 2017.


Climate and environmental change will challenge systems in various ways, undermining what we have just experienced with the COVID pandemic 19. Generation C Cambodia is part of an urgent logic to reformulate a world that will face its challenges. A world of symbiosis, solidarity, resiliency and peace will finally be able to see the light of day.


Adana ម៉ម -Legros
Founder of Generation C

Helping Hands



a socially driven artistic movement


Since March 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic is having a direct consequences in Cambodia. Economical contraction is already felt in all province of our country.  People are impacted in their daily life with social and psychological consequences.  We are witnessing devastation around the world with a sentiment of uselessness.   

Our global system including not only economical but social are facing rapid changes. All of our villages and provinces are strongly impacted with only few solutions for the coming future. Most of the solutions are depending on the complex international economical system. 

However, it is time develop a resilient social system and network all around Cambodia.   

It is the right time to be on the move, act appropriately with coordinate actions and redefine path of Human beings. 

One of the answers relies on rethinking human relationship to each other and to the rest of the world (as an organ do in our body). It starts with the understanding of us as human being. Us as a member of our community, society, country and us as responsible citizen of the world. 

This is us

The who we are and how we can leave altogether with more senses of community. Our civilization is mostly failing because of our inability to live together with respect of others living animal and vis a vis our planet. 


Enduring a heavy history, charged with tremendous traumas, Cambodia has overcome and proved to the world a capacity of resiliency (individual and social). This unique  Khmer characteristic should be used and serve as a model for our next generation and be share to the world.   


Generation C Cambodia is a movement implementing the “Convivialist” philosophy and moral value in Cambodia without considering the political spectrum. Convivialist is French movement promoting a new social, moral and ethical  philosophy (http://convivialism.org).




encouraging new ways of thinking the art of living toegther


Generation C Cambodia aims to shift consommer to global citizens. Let’s innovate a new human relationships behavior better adapted to the actual situation. Because the world is drifting away with enormous problem to solve. No collective action can succeed if we don’t share and be animated by shared common values.


We have to take in account the finiteness of natural resources and our finite planet; we have to accept our globality and the plurality of cultures and finally we have to curb the human infinite desire and pathological ego.


To invent a modern incarnation of global citizen aiming to live better live together 


  1. Participate actively into the psycho-social progress of Cambodia implementing the art of living together.

  2. Mobilize the Cambodians in the change of condition of humanity and environment.

  3. Re-invent a possible world, more humane, more viable and sustainable vis à vis our planet. Build an inspiring mutual trust between individuals, groups, and societies. 

  4. Re-enforce individual and collective consciousness encompassing ancestral Khmer values of honesty, responsibility and ethic. Find a spiritual awakening in individuals. 


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