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''Le Restaurant du Coeur'' created by a famous French humorist Mr. Coluche was a solidarity restaurant providing food packages and hot meals to those in need. The association does not only target the homeless but also all those with a low or very low income (single families, old people with a low pension, young adults...). Now the association also helps people to find housing and supports other projects. The initiative was supported by a song written by the songwriter and singer Jean-Jacques Goldman called Les Restos du cœur, which included some of the lyrics being sung or read out by other celebrities. A televised show allowed the organization to collect several million francs

Nowadays, in Cambodian, Pagoda's activities are mostly religious celebrations. However, their main role was to help people in need by providing them with food and a place to stay.


Generation C initiative is to implement ''le Restaurant du Coeur'' ''Solidarity Restaurant'' in Cambodian pagodas to promote Buddhist philosophy and recenter in Khmer society pagoda’s role in helping the people in need. Our goal is to serve/give 2,000 to 3,000 meals per day national wide. 



Urgent dispatch to people in need

Due to the COVID-19 explosion in Cambodia, particularly in Phnom Penh Municipality and Takhma Town, a lockdown has been put in place with total isolation of red areas. Most of the markets have been closed due to the identification of positive persons. 

Direct impact a part economical, certain persons such as garment workers, and persons locked in red areas have no possibility to have access to basic food and stigma of starvation are already observed.

Focusing on Phnom Penh, food donation will target :

  • Red & Orange zone where people are in strict lockdown and can't have access to food

  • Around Phnom Penh in the rural area where garment factory workers are suffering starvation

Two categories of persons are identity:

  • Homeless, streets kids, cyclo which has no means for preparing food

  • Persons locked in red districts areas that have a kitchen

 Using pagodas temple to prepared and serve food or distribute raw foods and utensils following strict hygiene and infection control protocols.


Bowl of Rice

With the help of our donors, we were able to raise a total of amount of  USD 7 100 and distribute food packages for 350 families for one week. 

The food package consists of :

  • Rice (15 kg) 

  • Noddles (1 pack) 

  • Cans fish (10 cans)

  • Eggs (10)