WE do 


Artistic Activism

''Artistic Activism is a dynamic practice combining the creative power of the arts to move us emotionally with the strategic planning of activism necessary to bring about social change.''

Behavior Change through art platform 

  • Promote individual & collective consciousness 

  • Promote convivialism: solidarity, empathy, ethic, social responsibility & emotional intelligence

  • Promote spiritual awakening & psychological (r)evolution

  • Initiate an international an Artistic Renaissance 


Awareness-raising through conferences, lectures, and events

  • Empower and motivate youth in politics 

  • ​Empower existing platforms (NGO & Government) with a purpose to decrease human footprint. 

  • Promot social and environmental responsibilities 

  • Promote education to pave the way for responsible citizenship 


Following our artistic and social movement is a redefinition of all spectrum of life through a think tank. 

I. The creation of an international and multidisciplinary Think Tank will help define a global vision for Homo sapiens’ evolution. Experts and well-established academics, as well as persons recognized in their field of action, will find solutions through the writing of a global constitution. 

  • Redaction of a manifesto or constitution acting the new paradigm shift;

  • Identification of a new and adapted political system link to our environmental constraints, human needs, and earth sustainability; 

  • Glocal implementation. (from local to global);  

  • Reposition economic system with an objective to save earth from spoliation and destruction. Finally, serve humans to become citizens.   

II. Our goal is to implement GC movement in countries and apply the constitution at a collective level and the charter at an individual level.