GC’s (Generation C)
is the new incarnation of Global Citizen


Generation C, a movement created in 2020, is a socially driven artistic movement striving for an empathic civilization promoting emotional intelligence, ethics, and social responsibilities. It has the objective to initiate a shift from consumers to aware citizens. Using the power of artistic activism, this movement combines the power of emotion through art and the strategic planning of activism to bring about behavior change as well as awareness-raising. 


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What's a GC?

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A socially driven artistic movement


Since March 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic is having a direct consequence on the world.  People are impacted in their daily life with social and psychological consequences.  We are witnessing devastation around the world with a sentiment of uselessness.   

It is urgent today to “re-building” a sustainable and resilient system by solving global challenges with multidisciplinary approaches. Placing a greater emphasis on “convivial societies”, on altruism and compassion.

One of the answers relies on rethinking human relationships with each other and with the rest of the world. It starts with the understanding of who we are, as human beings. We, as a member of our community, society, country, and as responsible citizens of the world. 

Our civilization is mostly failing because of our inability to live together with respect to other living beings and vis-a-vis our planet. 


Generation C Cambodia is a movement implementing the “Convivialist” philosophy and moral value in the world. Convivialist is a French movement promoting a new social, moral, and ethical philosophy (http://convivialism.org).


To develop a modern incarnation of global citizens aiming to ''better live together’’ in a new political, social, economical as well as spiritual, philosophical, and environmental paradigm.


Build an inspiring mutual trust between individuals, groups, and societies. Re-enforce individual and collective consciousness encompassing values such as honesty, responsibility, and ethic. 




Encouraging new ways of thinking the art of living together


The world is drifting away with enormous problems to solve. No collective action can succeed if we don’t share and be animated by shared common values. 

This movement's objective is to shift consumers to global citizens. This newly defined human takes into account the finiteness of natural resources; accepts globality and the plurality of cultures. Finally, curb desires and pathological ego for power and greed which perverts the system. 

Working at a Glocal level ( Global & Local), our movement adapts to the country and culture. Our objective will diverge depending on the local mindset. 



Co-Founder & President of Generation C Cambodia

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Adana ម៉ម 


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Co-Founder of Generation C Cambodia

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Pierre Legros

Charter of GC


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